LEVEL 1: Mike in General, Explanations


This page is a holder for work that appears on other pages "below" it. You can get the best idea of what is on a page by going to it. You can get back here eaily.

For what Nit and I have been up to, especially lately in Alabama, go to the Home Page and find the page for us.

"Mike Books" contains all the books that I have written so far that I can put on the Internet for free. They come as PDFs. They include "First Book in Economics", "Jesus for Most People", and "Religious Stances".

The "Essays" are not my way of venting. I don't write unless I can say something. Some of the essays are chapters from books or are from elsewhere.

"Mike Papers" contains all the academic papers or near-academic reports that I have published (few) or written (also few). It is mostly of academic interest, and goes along with the page that contains my CV etc. It shows what I have been up to and what skills I developed. None of my essays show up among these papers. "Essays" and "Papers" are separate realms for now. If I ever get any essays published, they will show up in the list of papers.

Please don't look at personal material about me unless you know me, or are particularly interested for a specific reason such as to give me a job. Fun personal stuff, such as vacation pictures, can be found mostly on other pages. See the site Home Page.

The page on "Tai Chi" began as part of an effort to set up a local group on Tai Chi. The group failed, but I might try again, and the material still has some value. I am not an expert. I do martial arts for fun, and like to share it with other people.

Other writers have said that what plagues them most is not what they said but what they left out. I now understand. I left out important ideas, ones I took so much for granted that I forgot to make them explicit. They hover in the background of my understanding and guide me, but I fail to make them evident to readers. I don't even see the lack until well after I think a piece is done, and then it is too late to re-write. I apologize for this weakness, and I will try to do better.

Sometimes, I left out ideas on purpose even though they were relevant to a topic, because to explain them would require a long sidebar. In some of those cases, I write a companion piece. I cannot always mention the companion piece in the main piece but I can mention it on an Internet page that holds the main piece.