Level 2: Mike Books,Explanations


This page holds links to other pages that hold the texts for my books. I have written four-and-a-half books so far by Mayl 2018: two books on religion, one book on economics, a book on Democrats and Republicans, and some left-over well-organized chapters from the work on economics. The book on economics introduces economics to people who have no background in economics, and is called "First Book in Economics". The first book on religion is "Jesus for Most People" while the second is "Religious Stances". My outlook is basically Enlightenment Deism. I assess Jesus, and the major religions, from the point of view of that stance. You can get a better idea of all this material from the pages on the books. The economics books are grouped in one page, and the religion books are grouped on another page.

I know now how to write what I want to write. I intend to write more books. I do not intend to write any more books on religion; that topic is settled for me. The economics book is called "First Book" because I intend to write other short books on other topics in economics such as wealth distribution. I intend to write books on anthropology and books that use modern evolutionary theory such as on the evolution of morality. I do not include "stub" pages for these projects here yet.