LEVEL 3: "First Book in Economics" Short Version, Explanations


The short page holds links to my "First Book in Economics". This material was first self-published through Xlibris around 2005. It has sold no copies, so putting it here does not detract from any profits Xlibris might make (and that I didn't make); and putting it here might even help. This book is intended for people who have no background in economics but want to know what is really going on. Why are we continually in economic problems? Although written in 2005, it is still relevant today. Sadly, little has changed. The book has almost no formulas, charts, graphsy, or statistics. It is called "First Book" because I hope to do a couple of follow-up books on more specific topics such as how well the market works, the distribution of wealth, future development, and the economics of the environment. This is the material that you absolutely need for anything after. You can get the best sense of this book by reading the Introduction from the link to the whole book. This pages holds links to the Contents and to the whole book. Please keep in mind that I hold a copyright on this material and that I assert all rights. You may use this material personally or for a group, but, if you do, please acknowledge me. Thanks.