Level 2: Mike Essays, Explanations


This page holds links to Mike's essays. The purpose of these essays is not to "vent", assert dominance, or change the world. I don't write out of excitement about my own opinions. I write because nobody wrote what I want to read. My essays are not like blogs. I explain ideas and-or recent history to people who are willing to read. I have taken some time to write them; I did not just dash them off for quick posting.

Some of the essays are taken from my books. The essays on abortion and gay marriage were originally written about 2002 but still seem current.

In the future, there will be more essays, according to the topic pages listed below. The pages exist already but they are mostly stubs waiting for future documents. I did put some of the essays from the list below onto the appropriate pages.

Feel free to use these essays anywhere, including posting them. If you do, remember I retain copyright and I assert all rights. Please make sure you identify me and make clear where you got the material. Thanks.

Besides the topics listed below, I also write about topics in science and math. That writing is found on its own pages under the topic page "Mike". If you are looking for a book, a link below takes you to the books page.