LEVEL 3: Mike Essays in Economics, Explanations


Revised November 2015.

For a solid non-technical introduction to the theory behind what I say, visit my page for my book on economics "First Book in Economics".

This page explains what I have in mind with the economic essays. I am not on a crusade. I see some mistakes that America makes constantly, and I say what I think would be better. When I am done, I will be quiet. I believe my suggestions would help and are reasonable, or I would not make them. They are not only theoretically sound but they would be doable if we lived in a saner political situation. They are not doable in America in 2015. I try to write less than 20 pages but sometimes I write more.

The essays come in three groups:

(1) The first group is a handful of essays extracted from other sources.

(2) The second is the most important group, consisting of non-technical explanations and suggestions aimed at a general reader. This is what most people should read. As of November 2015, I had written 18. I hope to write about as many more. I hope to be finished with these essays in 2016.

(3) The third is technical essays. I have not yet written these. They provide solid theory and evidence for what I say in some of the non-technical essays.