Level 2: Mike Fieldwork, Explanations


The main page holds links to other pages that hold documents about Mike's fieldwork. None of the links are active here.

Mike did the fieldwork below. Nit did substantial work with MIke at the Muslim fishing village and with shrimp farmers.

DOC: History of Mike's Fieldwork

PAGE: 1981 to1983 in a Buddhist rice farming village in Southern Thailand

PAGE: 1990 onwards, on Thai popular culture and religion

PAGE: 1990 onwards, on Thai movies and TV

PAGE: 1990 onwards, on Thai popular small romance novels

PAGE: 1995 to 1996 a Muslim fishing village in Southern Thailand

PAGE: 1995 to 2000 with Thai shrimp farmers

PAGE: 2000 to 2011 with catfish farmers in Alabama, USA

Only the work on the Thai rice farming village, fishing village, shrimp farmers, and Alabama catfish farmers yielded formal papers. The other pages are "stub" pages to hold future results. Those page explain what I am after with the fieldwork. I intend to finish at least the study of novels and the movie study.

The page on my fieldwork in 1981 through 1983 has pages and documents that might be especially useful for Thai studies. I include pictures and explanations of marriage ceremonies, ordinations, funerals, and house warmings. Surprisingly, these ceremonies have not been well discussed in the literature on Thailand.

The fieldwork in 1981 through 1983 was done from the point of view of sociobiology, which makes it unusual for the time. If you are interested in sociobiology, you might want to visit the page. Some people in anthropology still dislike (hate) sociobiology. As you might guess from the material on ceremonies, that is not all I did while there, so you who dislike sociobiology might still find the page interesting.

Even when a document is self-contained, sometimes it does not explain why it is important. So sometimes I include along with a documnt a short description of why it is important. The pages on Thai ceremonies have a mixture of pictures and explanations.