LEVEL 3: Mike Thai Fieldwork 1981 - 1983,Explanations


As of February 2015, this page was little more than a stub. Mike did fieldwork in one site, in Southern Thailand, on the coast, of Buddhist rice farmers, from 1982 through 1983 (over two and a half years). That work was the basis for his PhD thesis "Family Strategies and Social Organization in Southern Thailand". The thesis is now public domain. The few papers that came out of my thesis work are available through the page for the thesis.

In addition to the material in the thesis, I collected other material on ceremonies, including pictures. This page contains links to the pages covering that material. I also have other material on attitudes that I will write up as essays and include here hopefully. Sadly - and this is true - a relative in Thailand let termites eat most of my field notes from that time and from later periods of fieldwork too. In fact, substantial field notes were destroyed on three separate occasions. So, many of the comments have to be based on what I internalized. Also, I don't have access to journals and recent work on Thailand, so what I say will not reflect recent ideas. Some of this material will be duplicated in the page on Thailand.