LEVEL 3: Thai Movies





As of February 2015, this page was mostly a stub. While in Thailand, I always had fun reading comic books (often shared with children), graphic novels, novels of all kinds, and watching TV and movies. I enjoyed going to Thai events, hanging around markets, etc. Maybe the most fun I had was watching Thai movies. I had the great good luck to make get to know Mr. Dome of the Thai National Cinema Institute in Bangkok. He let me go to the Institute and watch several movies per day. I got to see Thai movies from the very beginnings all the way through the 1990s. My favorite period was the 1980s. Unluckily, much of my notes were lost. Luckily again, many Thai movies are now available on DVD (Maybe now "Blue Ray"). If I can work something out, I will try to write about some of this material here. I hope someday to go back to the Institute, and I hope Mr. Dome is still there. He was a great guy, and I owe him a debt of gratitude and friendship.