LEVEL 3: Thai Shrimp Farming





As of February 2015, this page was a stub, but definitely it will get filled out. Nit and I did fieldwork about Thai shrimp farming in several small bouts in the early 1990s as the industry was just beginning, and then for a straight stretch from 1995 through early 2000. For reasons I don't want to go into here, only one small popular somewhat untypical piece was ever published about that fieldwork. Luckily, I still have a couple dozen small notebooks. Although now much dated, I intend to write about our experiences there, the shrimp industry at the time, and my conclusions. This page will contain links to documents, and, if needed, further pages on the topic. Thai shrimp farming was the second greatest generator of foreign revenue in Thailand all the time we studied it, and one of the best developed and organized industries. Nit and I were very well treated by farmers who had holdings of all sizes, in many places. We were treated exceptionally well by the association of shrimp farmers in Surat Thani Province (Chom Rom Phuu Liang Kung Surat Thani). I wish them well and hope someday to repay their kindness.