2014 10 15

Mike Polioudakis

My Strengths for Employment or Awards

I have lived with a diversity of people, in various places, in various socio-economic classes. I can get along with almost anybody.

I lived over eight years in Thailand, again with a variety of people. I spent many months, well over a year in total, among catfish farmers in West Alabama.

I began life in the working class in Portland, Oregon. I have moved into a variety of socio-economic class situations.

I learn very quickly.

I can explain almost anything to almost anybody without making people feel bad while I explain.

I am a good writer.

I have solid math skills.

In my work and life, I have had to tend many kinds of machines, and am good at it.

My last paid job was mostly Internet research on agriculture, the environment, and social conditions. I am adept at computers, basic software, and the Internet.

I won an award for teaching while at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

During my work in Thailand and Alabama, I interviewed farmers, fishers, catfish farmers, and business people, often several per day. I know how to work with people.

I have trained in mild martial arts since about 1976. I have the focus and personality that go along with consistent martial arts.

I finish projects that I begin.

I have a clear idea of what I want and how to go about getting it.