LEVEL 1: What's New





This page holds what's new. As of June 2018:

Mike has to say "Mike" instead of "I" even though he writes this stuff because someday this site will hold more stuff on Nitaya. Mike is not crazy yet.

Mike revised his book "Religious Stances" (link to page) (book available only on this website).

I especially like my chapter on "Theravada Buddhism". PDF ........ HTML ....... Text

I put a lot into this chapter. It helps with other Eastern religions.

From "Religious Stances", I adapted as essays two chapters:

DOC: "Jesus as God or Not God, and What It Means" PDF ....... HTML ....... Text

DOC: "Jesus Changed the World, and What It Means" PDF ....... HTML ....... Text

I was surprised at how much some Christians disliked my stance in the above two essays, so I continued with:

DOC: 2015: "Jesus as God, Again" PDF ........ HTML ........ Text

Mike added 18 essays in economics, available from the page on essays in economics. The essays are non-technical.

Mike added a new book on politics: "Repubicans, Democrats, Conservatives, and Liberals" (whole book PDF only).

You can also get to it through the pages on ........ Books, ......... Essays, ..... and ........ Political Essays.

I (Mike) revised tThe book on Republicans and Democrats through 2018. The new version went up in January 2019. I suggest you go to the pages where the chapters are given individually and pick out the chapters that you like. In the book, I call a chapter a "part".

Mike added another essay in economics on the problem of people who are not smart enough to get a job in modern capitalism. Refer to the page on essays in economics noted above.

In June 2018, Mike added 9 more essays in religion. Get to those through the page on essays in religion. The essays are: Making Values; Love Thy Neighbor; Me versus Taoism; Right Reasons; More on God Assess Us; Putting It Simply; Decency, Works, and Grace; Kierkegaard; and Salvation. The most important essay is on "Putting It Simply", and it is also very short.

In December 2018, Mike added an essay on Donald Trump as a sociopath. ........ PDF ........ HTML ........ Text