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LEVEL 0: Home Page Large Companion and Site Explanation

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This site is about only Emanuel (Mike) Polioudakis and Nitaya Polioudakis (nee Patsanakrison). Mike makes the site, so "I" refers to Mike. "Polioudakis" is spoken "polio dah kiss" in English ("Poh lee-u tha kees" in Greek). Mike was an anthropologist but now is unemployed. Nit is a library assistant at Auburn University. Nit has done fieldwork several times.

To suit small devices, the main pages for navigation are small, containing mostly only links. Explanations for the small main pages are on companion larger pages that can be easily accessed from the small navigation pages and easily returned from. The large companion pages do not include links.

Many small docs, such as book chapters and essays, are in PDF, HTML, and-or Text. "HTM" and "HTML" were the first widespread languages for making web pages, so here "HTML" is shorthand for "in single web page format". HTML usually automaticlly resizes to your screen and automatically "word wraps". If you don't like the font or size of any HTML or Text doc, usually you can use your browser to change font and size. See below for comments on browsers.

Most of my formal papers are available only in PDF. Whole books and major book parts with several chapters are in PDF only.

So far, I (Mike) offer THREE FREE BOOKS, one on economics, one on "Jesus for Most People", and one on various stances and religions. I advise going to the main page for Books, then going to the main page for a particular book, where you can get advice about that book and its chapters and get links.

You may download any books or essays for free. The fact that the material is free does not mean it is poor. Just by writing any material, I get full copyright in it. By putting my writing on this website, I do not lose copyright. I assert all rights over my material. You may quote at any length from the material and you may use it for any educational purpose.

Please don't use my ideas and words without crediting me. Please don't steal. I am financially poor. I have had ideas and words stolen in the past, and it hurts not only the bank account but the heart.

If you like my work, please tell other people, and please ask them also to respect my authorship.

I do regret all my blathering on but I regret more what I took so much for granted that I did not bother to say it. My oversight undermined what I did say. I try to correct these mistakes not in revisions of the material I have already written but in separate essays later. Sorry for any confusion.

Some "stub" pages have little content now but will have content in the future.

The site is organized into levels, from 0 through 6. The levels are set up in parallel between major topics. You can get a sense of the levels by going back to the small main page and going to the site map. The levels are set up so that each level plays the same role for each topic. For example, the "0-eth" level is the small main page and its companion large page; the first level is for Mike and for Nit; the second level is for projects of Mike and Nit; the third level has major "fields" of Mike such as books, fieldwork projects, and martial arts; and so on. Each level has a distinct color to its pages, and the level is announced at the top of the page.

Mike's email address for business is As of October 2017, my "snail mail" address is: 1449 Richland Road, Apt. 4N; Auburn, AL, 36832.

Shameless self-promotion: I gladly accept support from any private benefactor or benevolent agency, such as, but not limited to, the Macarthur Foundation, the Templeton Award, and the Center for Advanced Study. I assume that your support intends to allow me to continue my work without strings attached. Your generosity would support the high-quality work that is already on this site and future work of similar quality. I promise to report all donations to the IRS. I accept grants, cash, houses (my wife and I need one), land (a few acres would be delightful), and job offers from reputable employers. Please see the page on "Mike" for more material that I have produced and on plans for future writing.

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The three most common browsers are: Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). In 2017, with Win 10, the MS browser maybe is called "Edge"; Mozilla Firefox; and Google Chrome. MS and Google compete and will not read all of each other's proprietary files. But I used very simple generic file making and formatting, and so all three browsers should read everything on this site.

Firefox sometimes piggybacks on IE, and you should let it do so.

All three browsers should read HTML files, should automatically resize the screen to fit your device, and should automatically word wrap.

When creating a plain text doc from a doc in a word processor, almost always all the formatting goes away, which means underlining and bold go away, and sometimes extra blank lines go away. So the obvious markers of chapters, sections, and divisions go away. You should still be able to see changes because the changes always start after a blank like, usually headings are not full sentences, and usually headings have many capitalized words. In some docs, section headings stand alone as single lines below a blank line and above a blank line.

All three browsers can word wrap when reading text docs but they do not always do so automatically. Often you have to go back to the original source of the doc (*.txt) to make the on-screen material word wrap with a text doc.

Internet Explorer: Click to open the text document. In old versions of IE, go to View. Under View, click on Source. IE will invoke Notepad. Notepad will read the text document in its original word wrap format. If Notepad does not at first do so, you can tell Notepad to do so. When finished reading this document, close Notepad first (close what you are reading first). That should put you back in your browser at the original un-word wrapped txt doc. Then use Back on the browser to return to the page that controls the topic.

New versions of IE, starting with View and goint go Source, basically do the same thing but they also split the screen into Web view and Source view. To read the source comfortably, you might have to resize the screen or full-size the screen. This new style is confusing but doable once you get use to it.

Firefox: Firefox sometimes invokes MS Notepad, and sometimes invokes Internet Explorer and, through IE, Notepad. When Firefox uses its own internal reader to read *.txt docs, Firefox says it automatically word wraps. Firefox does word wrap on most operating systems but I do not guarantee it will do so on all systems. You can turn off word wrap if you wish but you have to download an app to do so.

Chrome: Google Chrome does not like to read files which were generated by Microsoft products and are proprietary to MS, so it won't easily read MS HTML files. The HTM and HTML files on this webstie are generic enough so that Chrome should read them. If not, contact me. Chrome too should automatically word wrap text files but I am not sure it always does. I don't know what to do when it does not.