Level 2: Mike Papers and Documents, Explanations


This page contains links to lists of my papers. I don't have many papers. Some of this material is duplicated under other major headings, as for example under "Resarch" or "CV". The first list is of direct links to downloadable printable documents with lists of the papers, in MS Word. I include only significant material. The second list is to pages with links to the papers; you likely don't want to print these documents. The third list is of pages that the papers and contain other material such as comments. Most readers will be interested only in published papers; "Published" includes some reports; I suggest you also look at "Reports" and "Credited Projects". Please see the "Butler / Cunningham" ("BC") page for more information on Butler / Cunningham. For the research that generated the papers, see the pages on "Fieldwork and Research".

From 2000 until 2011, I worked for the Dept. of Fisheries of Auburn University, in Auburn, AL, USA, primarily for Claude Boyd, sometimes for Wayne Shell, but also on various projects with other people. At the time, I did not understand how important it was to make sure my name appear on each paper for which I contributed anything.

Sometimes one piece of research would be used (not by me) for several purposes such as a report, conference paper, trade journal paper, and scholarly paper. In those cases, I include only the primary research without all its "incarnations". Often the written research results would be accompanied by "visuals" such as a Power Point. I did not include many visuals here. Sometimes I include visuals, based on real research, that stand on their and for which there was no separate paper as a "paper".

From 2000 until 2011, most of my work was on agriculture and the natural environment, and agriculture and the social environment. The work was on impacts of agriculture, as, for example, carbon footprints. I still consider this field important. Because of Boyd's background, much of the work focued on aquaculture as the kind of agriculture, especially shrimp farming and catfish farming, but we "branched out" into any agriculture that was relevant.

I am not always sure of the date of publication or first public appearance of a bit of research. Often nobody told me. So dates are sometimes guesses.

I often got help from officials such as in the Departments of Agriculture for the United States and the State of Alabama, as for example Herb Vanderberry when he was in Montgomery. Usually I simply corresponded with distant officials by email. Never did they disappoint me. They gave me enormous amounts of help while asking for nothing in return, and getting nothing in return. Almost always they could see what I was getting at, and knew just where to point me. They explained what was going on in various formats of several websites, and explained new concepts to me. They earned their salaries, did their civic duties, and did a lot of good. I thank them.