Level 2: Mike Papers and Documents





This page holds other pages which, in turn, hold the papers. Some of this material is duplicated under other major headings, as for example under "Resarch" or "CV". Most readers will be interested only in published papers, so that item appears first. A list of everything (not much), with links if possible, is on the page "All Papers". The other pages indicate categories of the papers. If you are interested in the overall quality of my work, then please visit pages other than only "papers published". For reasons not needed here, nearly all this material is available as PDF or MS Excel only.

DOC: All the papers, no links

DOC: Published papers, no links

DOC: Reports, no links

DOC: Projects, credited no links

DOC: Butler / Cunningham, no links

DOC: Projects, not credited, no links

DOC: Helped other people, no links

DOC: Wish published, no links (in construction)


PAGE: All the papers, links (in construction)

PAGE: Published papers, links

PAGE: Reports, links

PAGE: Wish I had published

PAGE: Credited projects, links

PAGE: Uncredited projects, links

PAGE: Helped other people, links

PAGE: Fieldwork and Research, links