LEVEL 3: Mike, Butler Cunningham





"Butler / Cunningham" refers to an endowed chair in the College of Agriculture of Auburn University, given for a few years at a time. To meet the mission of the fund, Claude Boyd hosted a series of three conferences on three topics related to the mission of the position.

All attendees, all sessions, and all the papers can be found on the website. In addition to the conference results, on the website are a series of essays on topics relevant to agriculture in the United States. I wrote all these essays. Wayne Shell suggested some topics but I picked most of the topics and wrote all the essays. Most of the essays are on the body of web pages, and so cannot by duplicated here. I include a sample of documents that stand alone.

After the conferences, and especially after I left in 2011, the website was not kept current. The original work can be found at the URL (Internet address) listed below.


DOC: BC website link in text format

DOC: First Conference brochure

DOC: Second Conference brochure

DOC: Third Conference brochure

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