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As of October 2017, this site was about Mike Polioudakis and Nit Polioudakis only. It offers mostly material from Mike's writing and research. When Nit and Mike feel secure about identity issues, we will add personal material and pictures.

The main pages on this site are set up for a small device. Main pages mostly hold some docs and hold links to other pages that hold more docs. From any main page, you can easily follow links to get back. Each small main page has a companion larger explanation page with more material on the topic.

Large docs usually are in PDF. They are best read on a big screen. If a format is not specified, the format is PDF. HTML and TEXT can auto-resize to read on a small screen. Small docs, such as essays and chapters in a book, are in PDF and might be in HTML and Text. See companion explanation page.

Mike (Emanuel) asserts all my rights as an author. See companion page. Please do not steal my ideas or words. I am financially poor. I have had ideas and words stolen, and it hurts in both the bank account and the heart. Thanks.

You can email Mike at: mpolioudakis@hotmail.com

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Please visit the page "What's New" especially for a piece on Theravada Buddhism.


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DOC: FREE BOOK: "Jesus for Most People" (PDF only)

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DOC: FREE BOOK: "Democrats and Republcans" (PDF only)

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