Level 3: Mike Papers Published





This page holds documents that were published (other than self-published books). Items that are underlined and highlighted have direct links here (onsite) to the documents.

1977. Roper, Timothy J.; and Polioudakis, Emanuel. The behavior of Mongolian gerbils in a semi-natural environment, with special reference to ventral marking, dominance and sociability. Behaviour 61 (3-4): 207-237. (P)

1989. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Family strategies and social organization in Southern Thailand. PhD thesis. University of Michigan. Downloaded from University Microfilms.

1991. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Social organization, adaptation, and gender in Southern Thailand. Ethnology 30 (1): 65-83. (P)

1991. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Study guide to accompany Kottak "Cultural Anthropology" fifth edition. NY: McGraw-Hill. (P)

2000. Polioudakis, Emanuel; and Polioudakis, Nitaya. Resource management, social class, and the state at a Muslim fishing village in Southern Thailand. In Durrenberger, E. Paul; and King, Thomas D. (eds). State and community in fisheries: power, policy, and practice. Westport, CT: Bergin and Garvey. pp. 85-102. (P)

2000. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Relatedness, class, and social organization in a village in Southern Thailand. Evolution and Human Behavior 21 (5): 297-316. (P)

2000. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Synopsis of results of research on Southern Thai shrimp farming: some recommendations. Released to interested parties, and general, on the Internet. (P, R)

2003. BC. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Website. See page on Butler / Cunningham.

2003. Polioudakis, Emanuel contributed to "The responsible aquaculture program". Internal and external report for the Global Aquaculture Alliance. St. Louis, MO. (P, R)

2005. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Catfish farming in Western Alabama. Report given to Claude Boyd for the World Wildlife Fund. Based on fieldwork for over six months, with a questionnaire. (R, PC)

2005. Boyd, Claude E.; and Polioudakis, Emanuel. Certification issues for channel catfish production in Alabama. Report given to the World Wildlife Fund. (R, PC)

2006. Boyd, Claude; and Polioudakis, Emanuel. Land use for aquaculture production. Global Aquaculture Advocate. April/May: 64-65. (P, PC). This brief document summarized the land needs for ALL the inputs in aquaculture, including derivative inputs, not just immediate inputs.

2008. Boyd, Claude E.; Polioudakis, Mike; and Whitis, Gregory N. Direct energy use in channel catfish production. Global Aquaculture Advocate. July/August: 48-50. (P, PC)

2008. Polioudakis, Emanuel. First Book in Economics. Self-published book. (SPB) PAGE

2009. Ozbay, Gulni; Lambert, May S.; Boyd, Claude E.; and Polioudakis, Emanuel. Sedimentation of soils from three physiographic regions of Alabama at different salinities. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 40 (4): 540-546. (H)

2010. Boyd, Claude E.; Polioudakis, Mike; and Hanson, Terry. Carbon footprint of farm-reared catfish. Report prepared for SRAC and other distribution. (R, PC)

2011. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Jesus for Most People. Self-published book. (SPB) PAGE

2012. Chaney, Phillip; Boyd, Claude E.; and Polioudakis, Emanuel. Number, size, distribution, and hydrologic role of small impoundments in Alabama. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 67 (2): 111-121.

2014. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Religious Stances. Book provided on Internet. (SPB) PAGE