LEVEL 3: Mike Reports and Documents





This page holds documents and reports that I did but that weren't published directly under my name or in the form I gave them. Usually these were reports to agencies or were research summaries for a specific purpose.

The most important document on this page is the report that I did for the WWF through Claude Boyd.

2000. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Synopsis of results of research on Southern Thai shrimp farming: some recommendations. Released to interested parties, and general, on the Internet. (P, R)

2001. Boyd, Claude E.; Green, Bart; and Polioudakis, Emanuel. Project AQ3: Manual for regional shrimp farming environmental monitoring and water quality training. United States Department of Agriculture. Hurricane Mitch Reconstruction Program. (R, PC)

2001. World Bank Report by various authors. Shrimp farming and the environment. Synthesis report to the World Bank. (R, PC)

2002. Polioudakis, Emanuel. The effects of Better Management Practices on small-scale shrimp growers and other local people. Report distributed on the Internet and to Auburn University. (R)

2003. Polioudakis, Emanuel contributed to "The responsible aquaculture program". Internal and external report for the Global Aquaculture Alliance. St. Louis, MO. (P, R)

2003. BC. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Website. See page on Butler / Cunnigham.

2004. Boyd, Claude E.; and Polioudakis, Emanuel. Suggestions for developing a shrimp certification program for Madagascar. (R, PC)

2005. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Catfish farming in Western Alabama. Report given to Claude Boyd for the World Wildlife Fund. Based on fieldwork for over six months, with a questionnaire. (R, PC)

2005. Boyd, Claude E.; and Polioudakis, Emanuel. Certification issues for channel catfishproduction in Alabma. Report given to World Wildlife Fund. (R, PC)

2005. Polioudakis, Emanuel. Comments on fieldwork among Alabama catfish farmers in 2004 and 2005. Report given to Wrold Wildlife Fund, Auburn University, and put on the Internet. (R, PC)

2006. Polioudakis, Emanuel. "Butler Cunningham" information on farming in Alabama. Report prepared for the annual meeting of County Commissioners of Alabama. Power Point. (R, PC).

2008. Polioudakis, Mike. Comments on Seafood Watch Report, Farm Raised Shrimp (country by country analysis) by Santi Roberts and Corey R. Peet. (R)

2010. Boyd, Claude E. Evaluation of impacts of potential "cap and trade" carbon emission policies on catfish, baitfish, and crawfish farming. Proposal to SRAC (Southern Regional Aquaculture Center). (PNC, R)

2010. Boyd, Claude E.; Polioudakis, Mike; and Hanson, Terry. Carbon footprint of farm-reared catfish. Report prepared for SRAC and other distribution. (R, PC)

2011. Polioudakis,Mike. Small results for crawfish, and some related points; progress on research for carbon footprints of various aquaculture. (R, PC)

2011. Polioudakis, Mike. Preliminary report on carbon footprint of baitfish using Engle and Stone data. (R, PC)

2011. Polioudakis, Mike. Preliminary report on carbon footprint of crawfish using McClain data. (R, PC)